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Orlando wedding photographer with a clean and modern approach. Kristen is a hybrid film photographer located in Central Florida. Her latest weddings and shoots are all hanging out over here - just waiting for you to take a look!

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Lisa and Fletcher | Married

Historical St. Augustine Wedding January 2, 2015  |  Lisa and Fletcher Lisa and Fletcher picked such a perfect time to get married in Florida. I’m obsessed with the winter, and they chose just after the new year for their St. Augustine wedding at the gorgeous Casa Monica hotel! It’s definitely one of the prettiest times for the hotel, when the outside is covered in white lights and the we have a smidge of a cool…

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10 Favorite Moments of the Month

If you took a look at our Keep up with KWP posts recently, you probably noticed that we have been extremely busy with so many different types of shoots! As hectic as that sounds, we still love to take the time to admire the hard work our clients put into their special moments with us. Whether it was gathering their husband and kids together for a family session, taking a day off from work to…

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Ellie and Nick | Married

Museum of Fine Arts Wedding November 22, 2014  |  Ellie and Nick There’s something so special about the way that Nick looks at Ellie. If there was a way for me to describe it, I would – but I can’t. It’s something I tried so hard to capture in photographs, but even looking back – it’s more than a look. It’s a quiet moment – like the kind where you exhale just a little and everything…

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Last Week

Keep up with KWP | Week 11 and 12

I figured it would take somewhere around March for me to get super confused on my weeks – so I think we’re on track, but regardless, we had a crazy busy month now that the weather is so beautiful out! It was also my birthday, and then we had 3 weddings in one weekend – so overall things get a little bonkers for us! Thank goodness for our assistant, Sabira, who puts this blog together…

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Children, Family, Portraits

Toddler Stylist

I finally get to share one of the most fun personal projects I’ve gotten to work on! After seeing the cutest Buzzfeed article about a mom in Arizona who let her toddler dress her for a week, I wanted to see what some of my own friends and clients could come up with! So many of my brides are starting their own families – so it was kind of perfect to invite them over for a…

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