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Juniors & Seniors

Jorden | Class of 2011

Meeting Jorden (and Taylor, and their mom) was like meeting someone you kind of thought you’ve known way longer than you actually have. You know that feeling? They’re super fun, really sweet and I loved listening to their mom’s cute little British accent. Actually, when I first met Jorden, I knew we’d have a good session. She’s an adorable girl with an affection for old movies and Audrey Hepburn. So I asked Luisa to join…

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For Clients

How to plan for your engagement session

Although engagement sessions are the most exciting time to get to know each other through photography, it can also be the most nerve-wracking! Since this is likely the first time you’ll be shooting with your photographer, there are a lot of things you’ll probably be worried about. First, what on earth will we do for a full 90 minutes together? No props, bouquets or bridal party to take the pressure off – you’ll certainly have…

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