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Orlando wedding photographer with a clean and modern approach. Kristen is a hybrid film photographer located in Central Florida. Her latest weddings and shoots are all hanging out over here - just waiting for you to take a look!

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Garage Vintage

In true Sunday FashionDay style, I had a totally awesome shoot with an amazing team of stylists, models and mommas! Now, before I catch a ton of grief from all of them – I only grabbed a quick selection of my favorites for this blog post – and will be digging through the over 500 shots to edit the entire session for everyone in the next couple days (when I can get caught up on…

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Sunday FashionDays Pt.II

If you missed the teasers from last Sunday’s shoot with this incredible team, you’ll want to check out all the great final edits that came from an awesome collaboration of stylists! One of my favorite things about shooting fashion is that I can play in the editing process (which is my favorite!). I loved trying out some blue and vintage shifts on these photos and seeing how they turned out. Makeup: Jillian Caro Hair: Nicole…

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Plus One - Maternity

Emma and Scottie, Plus One!

On Saturday, I had a fantastic maternity session with an old college sorority sister, Emma, and her husband, Scottie. I probably have hundreds of pictures of Emma from college… in fact, maybe I’ll share some (like the Cake-Batter Wrestling match she participated in, or our Greek Week ball…) if I can get enough persuasion… Emma and Scottie may have come from 2 totally different places; Emma, the Class President, and Scottie, who once picked campus…

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Images for a Cure

Here it is! My long anticipated project that I started to bring together a collection of photographers from across the country – why? I sat down a couple weeks ago, looking for a new opportunity. Doing a little soul searching, if you will. I’m finally given the opportunity to do what I want to do – not what makes the most money, or meets the most people – but what’s in my heart. From that,…

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Hollie and Lance | A Couples Session

Things I learned from today’s shoot in downtown Oviedo. 1. Hollie is quite possibly as silly as me, and she may be more beautiful as a person than she is on the outside (hard to believe, I know). Also, she’s pocket-size. 2. Lance has a small obsession with the Oviedo chickens, and saved us from several growling chicken attacks 3. You may recognize Hollie from ‘Beauty and the Geek’, but she’s not nearly as ditzy…

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Sundays are FashionDays

I love Sunday FashionDay! Just some quick teasers of my fun shoot today! Full post coming soon (once I can catch up on some editing! Whew! What a weekend!) Makeup: Jillian Caro Hair: Nicole Beth Wardrobe: Kendall Rowsey Model: Melissa Ziegler

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