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Orlando wedding photographer with a clean and modern approach. Kristen is a hybrid film photographer located in Central Florida. Her latest weddings and shoots are all hanging out over here - just waiting for you to take a look!

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St. Augustine Engagement

I love engagement sessions, especially when they involve exploring a new place! Not that St. Augustine is new, in fact, it’s quite old! But I’ve only been there once, my sophomore year of college, for one day – to visit a friend who was going to Flagler. So for all intents and purposes… it’s new. Jenn and Mitch are getting married next year, and I was really looking forward to spending some extra time getting…

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Orlando Photography Workshops

This may be one of several blog posts today as I frantically catch up before my trip down to West Palm Beach this weekend. One of the things that I’ve always loved about the photography community is everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge! I know we’re all competitors, but some of my biggest competitors are also some of my coolest friends! We have lunch over new ideas, new equipment, gossip (just a little!) and what…

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Megan | Orlando Fashion Preview

Lots of super cool things going on this weekend! My fan page on Facebook has reached over 1,000 fans (1,022 at time of blog post), and my own personal Facebook page has also reached over 1,000 friends! Granted, I don’t personally know 70% of them – but it’s brought some majorly cool people in to my life. Enter Megan. I was completely inspired by her vintage features and sweet demeanor. She’s gorgeous, creative and just…

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Jenn & Mitch | St. Augustine Engagement

Have you ever met someone and knew from that minute that you’d be friends? That was kind of what happened when I met Jenn and Mitch this summer to talk about their wedding! They hadn’t hired me yet, but I believe we sat in a Daytona Beach Panera for close to 2 hours just talking about everything! I was totally psyched to hear they were hiring me the next day! Not only are they fun…

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Lauren and Jason | Celebration, FL

Lauren, Jason and I decided to make up for not getting to shoot engagement photos with a recent “Just Because” session down in Celebration! This was actually a one-on-one couple’s workshop that I hosted for Orlando photographers Carla and Percy of DeArmero Photography. I’m going to have a second post about the workshop and how photographer’s can have one of their own, but I wanted to jump right in to some of the shots I…

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Couture Bridal

Sometimes a shoot will take you on a personal journey. It’s not about the location, or the model, or your camera…. it’s usually about your own ability to grow and challenge yourself. In retrospect, yesterday probably shouldn’t have happened at all. What started as a photographer workshop with Hollie and Lance – 3 cancellations later – turned in to a one-on-one bridal couture session with me and Hollie, Anthony in toe, some last minute vendors…

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