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Coastal and romantic with a bold and classic style, view Stephanie's latest works here!

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Garage Vintage | Pt. II

If you saw the teasers from our awesome Garage Vintage fashion shoot a couple weeks ago, I know you’ve been waiting for the full post of images! Now, normally on a fashion shoot I wouldn’t post this many fully edited shots. But I really loved working with everyone and wanted to show the full range of amazing fashion, makeup, styling and posing from my girls :) Models: Lacey Buchanan and Victoria Berard Wardrobe Stylist: Melanie…

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The Power of a Photograph

Where we are isn’t nearly as important as where we come from. I’m still learning; but my love of photography, mixed with my love for history and ancestry has led me to this post.I believe the photograph is powerful. For everyone who is more concerned with having a disc of images – let me tell you about the power of a simple picture – 100 years and 4 generations later. These photos are some of…

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Hollie and Lance featured on Hot Pink Brides

What do these 3 people have in common? Jessica Claire. Jasmine Star. Kristen Weaver. How about we’ve all been featured on Hot Pink Brides this week!? Shut up. Yes, you heard me – Hollie and Lance’s “In Love” session was featured on Hot Pink Brides today! I’m so excited! I love this site – it has the cutest modern weddings and sessions. Anywhere I can find photography goodness is a grand place for me! So…

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GOBS | A Family Tradition

When I first met Anthony over 3 years ago, I didn’t realize the complications of coming in to an established family. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs since then, but one of the things I’ve loved was being able to bring some of my family traditions and history to them. One of those traditions, is the GOB. Every Labor Day, we put together a little picnic on the porch, dining room table or…

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Plus One - Maternity

Leu Gardens | Plus One Teasers

Meeting new clients, is like making new friends! Angie emailed me a few months ago looking for some oh-so-cute maternity pictures of her and hubby, Kevin, while their first little one is on the way. After our shoot at the Leu Gardens in downtown Orlando, we spent an hour just chatting over some much needed bottled water. I’m fascinated by pregnancy. No… really. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been pregnant, but I spend most of…

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A Winter Park Wedding | teasers

Everyone… meet Susan and Matt Dunn. You may remember my sneak peak of their wedding from their beautiful custom designed invitations (100% Matt). I don’t have a whole lot to say about their wedding last night at the Mead Gardens and Winter Park Farmer’s Market, other than it was everything I imagined it would be :) It was gorgeous, fun and sweetly romantic. I had such a wonderful time with them – Susan was the…

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