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Guess who got a ShootSac? This much shopping should be outlawed. Honestly. But I’ve been dying to get a shootsac ever since I saw Scarlett Lillian with her adorable pink and white stripe personalized one. Eventually, I’d love to get mine done all personalized, but for right now, I was just so thrilled to get one – I wanted to show it off! It cost me a small child, but it’s worth it to see…

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Children, Family, Portraits

The Jernigans

I haven’t updated since Easter… what’s with that? Well, I’ve been overly busy at work and with my new blog over there – The New Home Sales Guru. It’s actually been pretty cool, I’ve even been posting blog entries about my Journey as a first time homebuyer! So if you like watching a house being built and interior design, you may want to give it a gander. I’m shooting a totally exciting wedding on Saturday…

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Easter in Orlando

Yay! It’s that time again – for Peeps and Whoppers, Hersheys and Cadbury’s. I love Easter – but it has definitely taken on a different feeling since I’m not a little kid anymore. I was really excited to bring some Easter traditions from my own childhood to Liam and Maddy, like the Easter morning egg hunt. I’m sure a lot of families did their own egg hunt – but the kids look forward to it…

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Fashion, Press

melissa and the stilo shoot

So I promised to post some of the shots from the gorgeous Melissa and our shoot with Katie Russo (makeup and wardrobe stylist extraordinaire) for the Miami magazine, Stilo. I love doing shoots like this. Everything was very chill and we just had a good time working on the best way to show off her makeup. We played a little Britney on iTunes and just went for it. I have to give mad props to…

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Children, Portraits

mia aviles

It’s a rare occassion when I take a break from weddings and fashion photography to shoot baby portraits – but when I found out my little Angie was pregnant, I had to make an exception! Angie and Orlando have beautiful babies and I couldn’t wait to get my lens on little Mia. Even though we had a rough start and a fresh scratch on her face – Mia warmed up to the idea of being…

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