I’m just checking in, since I’ve been so out of touch lately. :( Boo.

Ok, so huge glitch in our closing – but it all worked out thanks to our awesome Mortgage Consultant, Roxanne several youtube links. We closed, and moved, last Friday. Massive stress and headaches. So I’m happy to announce that I now own my own home! Woohoo!

My office is coming along, and once it’s set up (along with the rest of the house), I’ll post some pictures herunterladen.

On a random note – I got this awesome email from my fiance yesterday at work:

“Hungry? I packed you a marshmallow in your purse last night kostenlose hörspieleen. :)” …. and sure enough, there was a jumbo marshmallow in my purse. Ugh. Boys. So I gave it a face and arms.