I am really excited to show off my new headshot! I haven’t had a headshot in – ok, well never. Maybe my senior pictures count – but those are 10 years old wimmelbild spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch.

Since Images for a Cure has been going really well, I decided it was time to buck up and get in FRONT of the camera for once supertux herunterladen. Which terrifies me. So I made Anthony take a picture with my camera. I never realized how difficult it was to try to pose myself and direct Anthony at the same time herunterladen. Models, I do not envy you.

Now I couldn’t post this without being honest about the fact that I wouldn’t have looked HALF this good if I didn’t have an amazing retoucher at my disposal herunterladen. Jennifer Frances is phenomenal and I am amazed at the magic she worked on this picture. Seriously blows me away lernwerkstatt 8 kostenlosen deutsch.

There’s a lesson to be learned here – something about good angles, good photographers and good editing. But who cares about that right now reggae musik kostenlosen? :) Here it is!