So much has changed since I decided not to go back to work to pursue photography full time, and it’s all been for the better. I have to admit that I love managing my time during the week, and share the weekends with my beautiful family netflix tv windows. I’ve been extra spoiled this week since I had my fiance all to myself – which hasn’t happened in over a year. The kids are spending some quality time in Michigan and return tomorrow night sims 3 wildes studentenleben herunterladen. I’m looking forward to seeing them – but not looking forward to losing the quiet I’ve started to become accustomed to.

My schedule is going in to overdrive after this last short week of down-time herunterladen. I have multiple fashion shoots, a couple maternity sessions and an awesome wedding for Susan and Matt on the 4th (I really can’t wait for this one!) excel gratis downloaden windows 10.

Today we got to meet with another awesome couple out in Daytona for a consultation. We took the “back” way, through farms, motorcycle bars and landfills virus protection for free. This has become my new favorite way to travel. On the way back, we opened the sunroof and enjoyed the warm about-to-storm Florida weather. So nice :) (picture taken with my Palm Pre)


So tomorrow, I think I’ll hit the gym in the morning, go visit Angie for lunch and then get the house ready (aka: clean) for the kids when they get home skype bilder downloaden. Ok, I lied – it’s for my own sanity. I love cleaning. Which actually reminds me – I cleaned out my office closet (which has become the dumping ground of unneeded stuff and office supplies) and I’ve decided that I wouldn’t be upset if Anthony hired a professional organizer and bought those nice IKEA closet organization units for my birthday (only 214 shopping days left!) herunterladen.