September 1, 2012 | Sarasota, FL

Amy and I adored being part of Lenee’s Bridal Tea over at Shoogie Boogie’s in Sarasota kroatische musik kostenlos herunterladen! I can’t wait to see her amazing wedding photos, and although I’ll be in Mexico – she’s in the incredibly capable hands of the fabulous Miami photographer, KT Merry invitations to eat for free!

Thanks for inviting us to hang out on the hottest day ever :) And have a fantastic wedding Lenee and Nick!!

The starting course, a fresh salad of greens, walnuts, blue cheese and pear

Loved the sandwich plates – I can’t remember all the kinds, but the egg salad was my favorite herunterladen!

Part of Lenee’s shower was to have her guests write on cards for Lenee and Nick to open on that year’s anniversary apple icloud photos. Such a sweet idea!

And I couldn’t help but swoon over these adorable invites herunterladen!

A mad-lib game had each girl put a strip out of a jar and fill in the blank musik player für pc kostenlosen. Then they read them in order!

Lenee finished the afternoon by opening her gifts kinder hörspiele kostenlos downloaden mp3! A particular favorite was this recipe book that they made. Each girl sent in recipes to include!