Staying at home and enjoying their take-out dinners while tending to their 5-month old are LaToya and Nick. After being married for three years, remembering their wedding moments together is very special how to download internet videos.


LaToya’s favorite moment during the whole day was at the very beginning herunterladen. Her dad was walking her out and she saw Nick crying. But when they sit down together at home today, LaToya said “my husband concentrating really hard on our first dance because he partied a little too much the night before,” is their most memorable moment twitter video.


For LaToya, having a first look with Nick was the best part of the wedding netflix download playstation 3. “Just seeing the look on each other’s faces knowing soon we would be husband and wife.”

Sharing the day with best friends is always great herunterladen. Especially with bridesmaids! Even though most of LaToya’s bridesmaids live out of state and two live about 2 hours away, they try to hang out at least once a month videos online von youtube downloaden. That’s great to stay in touch and remember these are the girls that helped you get through the most special day in your life.




For new brides out there, don’t think everything will go exactly how you want it to herunterladen. Sometimes, disagreements occur but thats okay! That’s what makes everyone unique. Here are a few things LaToya said they agree and disagree on.

Agree on:
We both agree about putting your spouse first videodatei downloaden. We both agree that he should take care of the finances. We both LOVE The Walking Dead!

Can never agree on:

I will never move to Mississippi, he wouldn’t mind retiring there warum kann ich whatsapp nicht herunterladen. I want our daughter to go to either UF or UCF; he prefers MSU. I would consider sending our daughter to private school, my husband would never go for that amazon app downloaden.



Tips to future married couples from Nick and LaToya: Just remember to never stop going out on dates. Keep doing everything you did to impress each other before you were married.

They follow their own advice by hiring a nanny on Thursday evenings so they can enjoy the night out with just the two of them!