I was sending out this mass of email responses this morning, and thought about how novel it would be to start planning shoots for fun again! There was a sector of my life that started there, and although it’s quickly transitioned to more of a “business” – I miss shooting for the fun of it ios 8.0en! I love weddings, and brides and all my amazing clients – but the core of where I started comes from a deep love of fashion photography. The energy is unmistakable herunterladen. There’s such a connection to music and mood – much like that moment when a groom sees his bride for the first time – it’s a connection I have lustige whatsapp videos gratisen.

So I thought about posting a blog about my biggest photographic inspiration. I think it may surprise some, and honestly – you may not even know the name platzspitzbaby herunterladen. But to me, he’s an artistic genius. His name is Paolo Roversi.

I didn’t know of him for awhile – but it seemed like every magazine I’ve picked up in the last couple years – there have been shoots I’m emotionally drawn to facebook videos for free. They’ve all been his. The style is unique, the feelings powerful. Although the style is so different from my own (many people think you have to shoot like the person who inspires you… but I find quite the contrary), his work inspires me to feel shader model 3.0 download kostenlos chip. That’s it. It makes me FEEL.

In photography, what more is there?

If you’re not familiar with his work, allow me to share some of my favorites:

(All images copyright Paolo Roversi – from various editorials and personal work over the years)