images for cure button smallHere it is! My long anticipated project that I started to bring together a collection of photographers from across the country – why? I sat down a couple weeks ago, looking for a new opportunity. Doing a little soul searching, if you will. I’m finally given the opportunity to do what I want to do – not what makes the most money, or meets the most people – but what’s in my heart.

From that, I’ve developed Images for a Cure. This project is a fundraising event where I’ve partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to donate all session fees from all participating photographers from one day. That’s it. Simple. To the point. I’m not asking for a month of session fees, or a percentage of everything  –  this is simple. We’re talented, and blessed to pursue our passions. It’s time we gave back.

100% of all session fees from all participating photographers (booking shoots on October 11, 2009) will be donated to the BCRF.

So this blog is 2-fold.

First of all, I wanted to explain my vision.

Secondly, I wanted to promote the website and the talented group of individuals who have already signed on to participate – including La Dolce Vita Studio and Scarlett Lillian, both from Jacksonville, and Sarah Sandel in Sebring. I’m hoping the list will continue to grow. So if you know any photographers that would be interested in participating, please pass along my email ( so they can contact me. They can also go through the website: You can help spread the word by using Twitter and the #imagesforacure tag. All posts with that tag will be pulled on to the live Twitter feed on the home page.

There’s a blog on the website where I talk about the plan, and share the personal story of my first session Jessica and Tim. Participating photographers will also get the opportunity to blog about their sessions, post their teasers and talk about all the reasons why they chose to become involved in such a life-changing project.

We’re looking for all types and skill levels to participate – it doesn’t matter if you shoot children, weddings or models – this brings us all together.

If you’d like to book a shoot with me, now is your chance. I’m opening up 5 sessions on October 11, 2009 at the one-day-only discount rate of $100 – and the entire session fee will be donated to the BCRF.

Spread the word. Participate. Give back with Images for a Cure.


PS: Thank you, Anthony, for working your behind off on the website. You never cease to amaze me, and your support is everything I need and so much more. All my love.