Ohmygosh. Can you believe today finally came? I feel like I’ve been anticipating this day for months, and here it is!

If you don’t know me yet, Hi. My name is Kristen, and I started this little shindig! I’m a fashion and wedding photographer based out of Orlando, FL, and I LOVE what I do. Other than that, I love things like cats and circus peanuts, and can’t wait to get married to my man, Anthony!

So let me tell you a little bit about my sessions today.

I started out with a full house. My first session, the engagement session of Jessica and Tim, involved makeup donated by Jillian Caro, and the fantastic Jacksonville videographers Christina and James of In Motion Video Productions. We rounded out the clan with my 2nd shooter, Reema, who was there to document the day and my fabulous assistant Angie. Ryan Poirier also came by and was a lifesaver when my newly fixed camera broke again (I’ll be taking that up with the company tomorrow) :)

I also, surprisingly, had a good time doing the interview for our first Images for a Cure video, produced by In Motion. I am notoriously camera shy, but Christina made me feel completely comfortable – like chatting with an old friend :) It was nice dragging them along with us – and I highly recommend them if you’re planning a wedding. They were awesome to work with!

We’re having a heat wave in Florida (and that’s putting it lightly). The temperature seared at over 90, and gave us a heat index over 100 degrees. It only cooled slightly around 4:30 when the weather quickly changed to thunderstorms (causing me to reschedule my last session). Ahhh, October.

Regardless, I had such a great time today! I love my clients – they’re the best ever! I have a lot of great images to work on, but I wanted to start with a couple teasers from each session. Enjoy!

To read more about Images for a Cure, please visit our website: http://www.imagesforacure.com