Things I learned from today’s shoot in downtown Oviedo.

1. Hollie is quite possibly as silly as me, and she may be more beautiful as a person than she is on the outside (hard to believe, I know) herunterladen. Also, she’s pocket-size.
2. Lance has a small obsession with the Oviedo chickens, and saved us from several growling chicken attacks
3 videos online von youtube downloaden. You may recognize Hollie from ‘Beauty and the Geek’, but she’s not nearly as ditzy as she acted…. or is she? :)
4 herunterladen. The Town House restaurant has a great BELTCH sandwich (can’t remember what’s in it, ask Lance)
5. Random Oviedo goers hurt Lance’s ego by asking how he got such a pretty girl videodatei downloaden. (really, who SAYS stuff like that to strangers? So weird. He’s such a trooper!)
6. Secretly, I knew the whistles were for me, not Hollie. My hot knee-shorts totally rock warum kann ich whatsapp nicht herunterladen.

And now, some shots from their couples session! Helloooo hotness. (and to eliminate any confusion, these 2 are not engaged…. just having fun together!)







We decided to end the shoot after THIS happened… amazon app downloaden.