Oh, 2009. How I loathe thee.

I have this, well – maybe it’s a superstition, about odd numbered years. In my life, they’ve always been filled with change and upheaval cut pattern free ladies. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I tend to be more transitional during this time, and less stable – less focused.

I’m so ready for 2010 images to for free.

Since I’ve been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, I’m more than ready to get back to the comfort of my office, with lots of new exciting things I have planned windows server 2012 r2 iso herunterladen. Now, I understand that the majority of this constitutes change in some form or another… I want to repaint my office, hang new canvases, buy a desk and set up a new workstation in my office for my new intern herunterladen! I’m think I’m nesting?

All of that will have to wait a few weeks while I get caught up from all the work I had in December.

I’ll be spending next weekend enjoying a beautiful West Palm Beach wedding, then off to Savannah, GA to shoot a NAHA entry for a colleague of mine herunterladen. Splash in about 10 modeling sessions and I’ll wrap up January just as busy as I started. Luckily, Feb. seems to be a slightly calmer month!

This month I welcomed 4 new brides to my happy little family, and have been getting new inquiries nearly every day this week video on facebook. I can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes me to share in their new lives together. My clients are so much more to me than a wedding, they become my dearest friends and I feel warm and welcomed in to their families music videoen. There’s nothing better than a big hug from my bride and groom every time I see them. I’m elated.

I’m also really excited to kick off the second annual Images for a Cure event popcorn time gratis downloaden mac! I’m going to start planning early this year, and set a date for late September. There’s a lot of adjustments, planning and work that needs to get started – even more reason to get my new intern ready herunterladen! I hope they like trial by fire ;) It’s the only way to learn!

I’m been working on plans for a group workshop for some time now, and am finalizing plans to join forces with some amazingly talented photographers, artists and special guest speakers downloaden schweiz legal! We’re talking 2 days of amazingness! Breakout sessions, shoots and demonstrations in every area of wedding photography – business, lighting, marketing, retouching, posing and of course, shooting! Stay tuned, I’ll be announcing dates and speakers in the coming weeks.

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So what are my resolutions for this year?

Travel more. Love more. Have more faith in myself. Commit more. Focus more. Laugh more. Share more.

Be afraid less. Eat less. Be a little less dependent on others. Judge less. Condemn less. Speak less. Procrastinate less.

Dream. Give. Believe.

What are your resolutions for 2010?