RW Brand, owned by business maven Tamuel Cowart, is not your ordinary events team. This is a super creative, sophisticated group of professionals that do everything from styling and planning to venue management and more to make your day one-of-a-kind. Encompassing Central Florida venues like Cypress Grove and Luxmore Grande, the RW team brings their venue management expertise to make every client’s event run smoothly herunterladen. They are trendsetters in the event rentals arena, bringing an extension of their team to RW Style. With a growing team, Tamuel also has her hands in training other wedding vendors – hosting a Luxe Dinner Series where guests are treated to a 5-star meal and business keynotes by some of the most esteemed names in the national wedding industry.

Images from the first Dinner Talk Series at Luxmore Grande, photographed by Stephanie youtube videosen ios.

Getting to know Tamuel

Tamuel Cowart

In your eyes, what characteristics make RW Brand so unique?

Authenticity in our approach and diversity, in not only our staff’s ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, but also in our products and offerings #RWdiditfirst

   Luxury Dinner setting Luxmore Grande Estate in Winter Springs

How long have you been in this industry and what inspired you to grow the business to what it is now?

16 years. I wanted to retire my husband from corporate America and create a company my kids would be proud to take over one day herunterladen.

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What trends have you seen take off in the wedding industry lately? Are there any you would use if you were having your wedding today?

On the venue management side, we’ve seen couples develop an appreciation for the dining and culinary experience minecraft welten zum herunterladen. They are designing their receptions around craft beers, vegan menus, and farm to table dishes. They really want to make sure their guests are eating fresh and local raised/grown food.

Do you have any advice for brides who feel intimidated by their long wedding to-do list?

Prioritize, divide, and delegate herunterladen. Your wedding to-do list shouldn’t intimidate you throughout the planning process. Hire a professional to help keep you on track and accept the help from friends and family that don’t mind doing tedious tasks such as: gathering addresses, assisting with the seating chart, hunting down the perfect favor, or stuffing the wedding invitation envelope. This should be a fun and memorable experience.

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What are your goals for RW Brand in the next 5 years microsoft teams downloaden laptop?

Growth, growth, growth 😉  We’re planning to double our rental inventory by the end of 2019 and looking to open a new wedding facility within the next 3 years.

How do you match brides with the perfect planner/stylists/creatives?

We match based on personality, design-aesthetic, + spatial characteristics apple os herunterladen. I’m not a ballroom gal. I prefer an open space or something full of architectural appeal. A blank canvas, of sorts, void of busy carpet, with lots of windows. Most of the vendors and creatives I refer, share the same design-aesthetics. However, I have several members on my team that LOVE ballrooms, busy carpet, and the conveniences a hotel offers when planning an event osterbilder kostenlos herunterladen.

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How does your first meeting with a bride go?

It’s a fact-finding session. Lots of sharing, lame jokes, laughter, and brainstorming. It’s my job to know, not only what they like, but what they dislike as well alte pc spiele downloaden kostenlos. My goal is have them feeling good about their decision to hire us; I’m there to answer all the tough questions and probe a little too.

What is the best part of your job?

Getting to know the couples and their families. I love, love! Being there for my couples and their families, on one of the most important days of their lives, is so rewarding. After all, once the music stops and all the décor is removed, all the they have is their love for each other and the memories. To know that I played a small role in their day, warms my heart.

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What is your drink of choice?

Acqua Panna – when I’m being sassy, unsweetened tea

Where did you meet your husband?

Girl, I met Mr. Cowart in high school. We’ve been together since 10th grade and I love me some him. Did you know we’ve been married for 25 years?? He’s getting old 😊

White Orchid centerpiece

What is your favorite US city? International city?

New York if I’m in the mood to shop. Ellijay, GA if I want to relax in our cabin. Frankfurt, Germany

What is your coffee order?

Black with a sprinkle of sugar

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Contact RW Brand to plan your next event, to style your space like no other, and to book one of their top-of-the-line venues, Luxmore Grande or Cypress Grove!