“Does your person have glasses?!”


“Is your person bald?!”


“It’s Richard!!!”

Yesterday, I posted a couple of cryptic Facebook statuses about a funny, special shoot I had vlc player free download windows xp. You may have seen this one:

FB status

So I thought it would be funny to have a little contest herunterladen! Who saw this?


Yep, you read that right torrents download vpn! Guess the model and win a prize!

After many emails, comments and statuses, I’m happy to announce that no one got it right.

But I think I may keep doing this and keep offering the same prize until someone wins it skype herunterladen und installieren. It’s a surprise, but it’s a good one :)

Meanwhile, for everyone else…. want to see who the model was?!

Click here to find out calibre nederlands!