Katherine and I went back and forth over the perfect engagement location for weeks before choosing a fun, natural location that really let THEM shine through plus 500 herunterladen! And although it’s not always my first choice for sessions, Katherine and David have such a kinetic energy that it worked absolutely perfectly. They don’t need a fancy location or props to really show their relationship, and that’s one of the things that I absolutely love about them kostenlos hörbücher herunterladen!

Their September wedding is being planned by one of my favorite Orlando coordinators, and dear friend of mine, April Dorsey with The D-Tales! I can’t wait to finally work with her, and to see David and Katherine for such a special day in their lives speisekarten vordrucke kostenlos herunterladen. I’m always blessed to share this time with my bride and groom, and April is the icing on the wedding-cake!