Sarah and David | Anniversary

I’m really excited to start a new part of our blog – celebrating the anniversaries of our couples! In these posts, we’ll be sharing a look back to their wedding days, their favorite photos from the day and some great things they’ve learned as newlyweds! Most importantly, some great advice for brides! If you’re a past bride of KWP and want to be included – shoot us an email at 

Sarah and David will have been married for two years on the 27th of this month! We celebrated their wedding in North Carolina the day before Hurricane Sandy swept the coast. Although it rained all day, we beat most of the severe weather and the wedding went on just as planned! We had to convince Sarah that there was no way we could do their beach-day-after session the next day – the NC beaches had taken a horrible beating from Sandy before it moved north.

It’s crazy to think it’s already been 2 years! Sarah and David have welcomed their first son, Thomas, and have found more love in their little family than they thought possible! Happy anniversary to one of my best Hurricane couples!!


Before the couple exchanged their vows and had their first kiss as a married couple, seeing each other during their first look was really special for them. ” We were so glad we did a first look!  Meeting before the craziness of the day started to just be together was wonderful. The wedding day goes by so fast that we wanted to spend as much time together as we could.  We saw each other at 2pm. If we didn’t do a first look we would not have seen each other until 5pm and the day is practically over at that point.”

Sarah said her favorite moments about the day was their first dance. ” We loved having that moment to ourselves and it was as if no one else was in the room- just the two of us.” They still dance to their song, ‘Someone like you’  in the kitchen! How adorable is that?

In order to create those special moments, sometimes planning out the perfect wedding is essential. Yet, figuring out the budget for your perfect wedding can be tricky. Sarah said, “figure out exactly what your budget is. And stick with it! It doesn’t matter if its $5,000 or $45,000.  Also prioritize what the most important part is for you. The food?  The photographer? The venue?  And work backwards.”

But that does not mean your wedding would not be as nice as someone’s who hired a wedding planner to do everything. DIY’s are a great way to personalize your day. Sarah created her own paper goods and napkin rings for the reception and her sister designed the invitations and programs.


Hurricane or not, their wedding was still a splash! To the future brides out there, do not freak out when everything does not go as planned. Embrace the changes and remember that marrying the love of your life is all that matters. Here is Sarah’s most unexpected moment during her day. “The hurricane. There wasn’t anything we could do to change the weather so we rolled with it! Happily! We were getting married!”

After living together, couples begin to figure out their similarities and differences. The top three things Sarah and David have in common are them loving ice cream, tacos, and vacations. However, sometimes they cannot always agree on setting the temperature of the house, where they want to retire and planning their next vacation.

But having a successful marriage for Sarah and David has been possible because of laughter. She says to have at least a good laugh once a day!


Number one tip for all future brides from Sarah: Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.  Plan what you love.  Pinterest is a dangerous site.  Its not a competition.  At the end of the day the two of you are married and that is what’s most important.


Sarah said her favorite part about working with KWP was everything.  “But most important the professionalism that came along with hiring KWP.  Kristen knocks it out of the park with everything she does.  She has true talent.”