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Amy and Chrissy | Workshops

I’m still recooperating from my week in Ohio – so I wanted to quickly share a couple of sessions that I’ve been holding on to for a little bit :) These are from 2 of my one-on-one workshops this fall. First, I worked with Amy Simo and my sweet little Taylor for some senior style portraits! Then I got to work with Jamie for a quick outdoor session, and then some indoor studio headshots… When…

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IFAC Workshop Shoot

An edit using the new MCP Quick Clicks for Lightroom! On November 3rd I had the huge privilege of hosting 9 amazing photographers here in my home in Orlando as part of the Images for a Cure Workshop! I was so excited to open this opportunity to photographers of all levels who were interested in learning more about the business and marketing side of our industry. We ate, we talked and we shot. All in…

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Rosie and Jackson | Engaged

It’s quite possibly one of the best Facebook Page wall posts I’ve ever seen. Randomly, a sweet little Australian girl named Rosie happily posted on my wall about her engagement! As soon as she mentioned coming to Australia to shoot her wedding, I was in. No…. seriously…. IN. Purely by coincidence, in August I was invited to speak to a group of photographers with the AIPP SA (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers – South Australia)….

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Aussie Bound | Travel

As I find myself doing last minute preparations for my Australian event, I thought I’d leave a quick little blog post to remind everyone what they shouldn’t be missing this week! 1. Tomorrow (August 31st) is the LAST day to register for our Third Annual Images for a Cure event! If you’re already registered, the website will launch with the 2011 participants as soon as I return from Australia next week! You can register by…

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Images for a Cure | Workshop

Save the date for November 3, 2011 for the first group workshop hosted by Images for a Cure founder, Kristen Weaver! This past year I have really started focusing on becoming the business I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve expanded my staff, my traveling and hopefully, my skills, to be a better photographer and a stronger business person. Photography isn’t just about having a talent to shoot, or the ability to edit. It’s about the…

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Robby and Cathy

I can’t believe I almost missed out on working with Robby and his sweet girlfriend, Cathy! After a few attempts at shooting them for one of my one-on-one workshops, we finally got to connect when I hosted Stacy, a photographer from South Florida, for her workshop day! Robby and Cathy were the perfect “couples” subjects and were perfectly patient while I coached on natural light conditions, and client interaction. Since I had never met them…

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