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Lemons and Owls and a Wedding… Oh my!

Jessie and Dylan McMurry | Akron, Ohio You know when you just know? When you travel from Ohio to Montana and meet a boy from Oklahoma… here. and fall in love? When you’re seemingly put in the right place at the right time, and meet the right person? Jessie and Dylan were just that couple, and after a year long friendship that slowly turned to a relationship, and then a love, Dylan picked up and…

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Confession #1

I rarely offer very much insight in to my personal life on my blog. It’s not that I’m not introspective at times, and I’m not trying to make the blog all sugar and gumdrops either…. but I have always preferred my blog to be about my work. Who I am as a photographer. Of course my personality is included in all of that, but I have a confession to make… microsoft word 2010 starter kostenlos…

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