Kristen Weaver Photography
Kristen Weaver Photography is an Orlando Wedding Photography studio located in Central Florida owned by Kristen Weaver. Specializing in both Wedding and Boudoir photography, I also love photographing fashion and commercial photography projects for models, agencies and companies.


2018 Update:

The Kristen Weaver brand has evolved to include the Flash photo booth and 3 amazing Master Photographers: Amalie, Stephanie and Lacey!

My name is Kristen and I like pretty things. I am the happy owner of Kristen Weaver Photography!

My days are fueled by sweet tea and Spotify, and the occasional cat nap. I write like I talk so it may not be perfectly polished, but it is perfectly genuine. My favorite tv shows are Project runway, Downton Abbey, the Goldbergs and Rupaul’s Drag Race, which sort of sounds like a smorgasbord of ‘wtf’, but they’re all pretty much Emmy material in my opinion. When I’m not traveling or learning (I’m a research junkie), you can find me creating secret Instagram accounts to collect inspiration or daydreaming about shooting a bridal designer’s next big collection. If I ever move out of Orlando you can probably find me in a flat somewhere near San Francisco or a little hut on the beach in Hawaii. I think tiny houses are ridiculously cool, but I’m just not hipster enough to live off any grid. I hate coffee and alcohol. I’m a super taster and a super picky eater (but cheese is always acceptable). My favorite book is Stiff by Mary Roach. The only D I ever got was in Political Science because I used to skip class when the cafeteria was serving French toast for breakfast. I find it necessary to explain my emoji usage, and after 10 years of being together, Anthony told me that our relationship was “elevated” because I just watched Star Wars…and liked it.

Oh, and I really want a Jibo.

Now let’s talk about you. I want you to love your experience with me. To think, ‘hey I can be friends with that girl’. Even if you don’t think Will Ferrell is the funniest person alive, I’ll still think you’re pretty cool. I want you to trust me – I will capture you as beautifully as you are. People will look at your photos and feel. FEEL. Your kids will see what you looked like “back in the day” and your grandkids will obsess over your fashion choices.  Your love is my heart – beginning to end and every moment in between. Wedding days make me super nervous (in a good way) because I’m typically more introverted in my day to day life. My favorite part of photographing your wedding is actually going through the images and telling your story from start to finish.  I believe the things you plan for your wedding deserve as much love as the moments you have. Your album will be full of memories and your home will be full of love. Every frame will hold a piece of me as much as it does of you.

I’ve won a bunch of awards for everything from being funny to taking pretty pictures – but someone once told me that awards don’t matter, so just know that I’m humbled for each one and would be happy to share, should it matter to you.

So let’s get together and chat about your wedding, or Downton Abbey. Let’s be friends.

Here’s what everyone else thinks of me.